Chemical Distributor

Global Chemical Resources is an industry leading chemical distributor with capabilities that ensure you are always adequately stocked with the chemicals you need. We understand the importance of timely bulk shipping and have built our business around reliable services. From start to finish, our customers know that they can trust our team to deliver only the highest quality chemical products — and always on time.

Below, learn more about our key chemical distribution capabilities, and find out what Global Chemical Resources can do for your company.

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Leading Chemical Distribution Company

Global Chemical Resources is among the top chemical distribution companies. We take custom orders and specialize in bulk, specialty and wholesale chemicals. Due to our connections with manufacturers and distributors in the United States, Global Chemical Resources is able to source domestic product in bulk, full truck and LTL basis. We have a vast infrastructure in place that allows us to more efficiently meet your needs, with warehouses in Bedford Park (Chicago), Toledo, Ohio and Houston, Texas. At Global Chemical Resources, we are a leading specialty chemical distributor because of our end-to-end capabilities customized to serve you

Safe Storage and Shipping

As a leading specialty chemical distributor, Global Chemical Resources puts a strong emphasis on safety. From start to finish, we take every precaution to ensure that your product and all handlers are kept safe. Our teams are thoroughly trained to follow all regulatory guidelines and best practices. We also have a deep understanding of how to safely separate and store chemicals that are volatile. Global Chemical Resources is known as a reliable chemical wholesale distributor. With our adherence to safe practices and our impressive shipping and storage capabilities, we can ship both hazardous and non-hazardous materials quickly and efficiently — without compromising safety.

Industries We Serve

Global Chemical Resources serves customers in a wide range of sectors. Some of the industries we supply include cosmetics, oil, personal care products, soaps and detergents, fire retardants, plating/manufacturing, paint/coating and much more. If you have specialty chemical needs of any kind, chances are good that Global Chemical Resources has you covered. To better serve our customers, we are able to deliver chemical products worldwide, as well as deliver directly from our U.S.-based warehouses. Whatever your industry and location, if you need chemicals shipped promptly and in bulk, we are your No. 1 resource.

Why Global Chemical Resources?

Global Chemical Resources has earned a strong reputation as a leading chemical distributor, and for good reason: Our deep knowledge base and proven history of reliability make us the perfect choice for distribution of specialty chemicals.

We distinguish ourselves with our personalized customer service. To find solutions that work for you, our team works seamlessly with yours to learn about your chemical needs. For that reason, we are extremely valuable business partners.

Our team is eager to hear from you. Contact Global Chemical Resources today to learn more about our distribution capabilities and to find out what we can do for you.