Our Capabilities

Direct Import Shipments

Global Chemical has strong ties to foreign manufacturers in China, Mexico, India, Belgium, Israel, and many other countries around the world. We take great pride in identifying the highest quality manufacturer’s in each country and only supplying the best product. If you order import material from Global Chemical you can be assured that the manufacturer has been researched and tested so that product is consistent from one order to the next. We don’t price shop for the lowest price on an order by order basis. We focus on providing our customers with a high quality, reliable product.



Chemical Storage Warehousing

Global Chemical has warehouses in Bedford Park (Chicago), Toledo, OH, and Houston, TX. Our warehouses are stocked with many of the same chemicals that we import the most frequently. This allows us to serve our customers in a wide array of quantities and lead times. We can import containers direct to our customers door, or customers can pull pallet quantities out of our stock. Eventually, all importers have issues with containers being delayed when they are importing product. Where with most distributors customers would be stuck, with our warehouse stock we are able to supply product while the import is delayed. This limits the amount of time our customers are without stock.


Due to our connections with manufacturers and distributors in the United States, Global Chemical is able to source domestic product in bulk, full truck, and LTL basis. We are also able to blend chemicals and perform many product dilutions on products such as Acetic Acid, KOH, Citric Acid and others.

Photo of trailers docked at a docking station