Direct Chemical Importer

Global Chemical Resources provides comprehensive chemical importer services. Our vast network and infrastructure give us the capability to secure any chemical you need, always of the highest possible quality. Because of our strong ties around the world, we can help you make the most economical decision for your business. Below, learn more about our chemical sourcing and procurement services, and find out why Global Chemical Resources is your No. 1 partner in the chemical industry.

Why Direct Imports?

Your bottom line depends on your ability to cut unnecessary costs, and direct importing is a popular strategy. Customers who use Global Chemical Resources can avoid costs related to temporary warehousing by having us be your direct line to the chemical source. In other words, our direct sourcing services help you skip the middle man — taking your chemicals from the manufacturer directly to your facility.

End-to-End Chemical Procurement Services

The chemical procurement industry is complex, and the more you can trust a single company such as Global Chemical Resources, the better off your company will be. That’s why Global Chemical Resources serves as your primary importer for bulk, specialty and wholesale chemicals. In addition to chemical sourcing, we offer direct importing, stocking, warehousing and distribution services.

A Network of Global Chemical Exporters at Your Fingertips

One of the primary advantages of working with Global Chemical Resources is our strong ties with global chemical exporters. We work closely with manufacturers in China, Mexico, India, Belgium, Israel and many other countries. Our relationships help to streamline the process, making it less time-consuming and costly for you. We also have done the research, eliminating the guesswork of selecting the right manufacturer. And our thorough understanding of global and regional chemical distribution regulations saves you the time of figuring it out on your own. What does that mean for you? Global Chemical Resources can expect better options that are more competitively priced than when you work with a single chemical exporter.

We take great pride in identifying the highest-quality manufacturers in each country and supply you with the best product. If you order import material from Global Chemical Resources, you can be assured that the manufacturer has been researched and tested so that the product is consistent from one order to the next.

Choose Global Chemical Resources To Import Your Bulk Chemicals

Global Chemical Resources is a trusted name in the chemical importing industry, and for good reason. Our comprehensive, time-tested process means that our customers can always expect the highest-quality chemical products on the market. From importing to warehousing and distribution, we ensure a smooth process for you so that you can focus on your business.

We have built our business on customer relationships. The Global Chemical Resources team is hands-on; we listen to you in order to understand your needs, provide guidance and, ultimately, supply you with best chemical products available.

The Global Chemical Resources team is standing by and eager to hear about your chemical importing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.