Chemical Type(s)


  • Toledo

Grades Available



  • Acid Cleaners
  • Concrete Cleaners
  • Food Processing
  • Hard Surface Cleaners
  • Leather-Dyeing and Tanning
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Textile
  • Water Treatment

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When it comes to high-quality products with glycolic acid, Global Chemical Resources is your best option. Glycolic acid products are popular in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and those industries know that they can rely on us for the highest-quality options. When it comes to specific blends that are consistent from order to order, Global Chemical Resources cannot be beat. From blending to shipping, we’ve got you covered.

Below, learn more about the benefits of high-quality glycolic acid blends and why Global Chemical Resources has earned a reputation as a leading glycolic acid manufacturer.

Why Quality Glycolic Acid Is Important for Industrial Applications

For industrial applications, quality and consistency matter. As a leading glycolic acid supplier, Global Chemical Resources puts a strong emphasis on meeting customer expectations. We’ve been in the chemical business a long time, and we know how to best serve you, the customer.

Which industries do we serve? In short, we’ll blend and ship to any company with chemical needs, but our primary customer base for glycolic acid includes:

  • Skin care – Dermatologists commonly use glycolic acid for acne treatment and other skin condition. Glycolic acid skin care products are made to safely penetrate skin to exfoliate skin, reduce scarring from acne and reduce wrinkling.
  • Textiles – In addition to glycolic acid acne products, the chemical is an excellent product for the textile industry, where it is used for dyeing and tanning purposes.
  • Cleaning – Glycolic and hydroxyacetic acid are excellent cleaning agents for such surfaces as concrete and metal.
  • Adhesives – Glycolic acid is commonly used in various adhesives and plastics.
  • Food – One of the key glycolic acid benefits is that it works as a flavor enhancer and food preservative.

At Global Chemical Resources, we have the facilities, the skill and years of expertise to ensure we can serve virtually any industrial need. Our vast customer base knows that Global Chemical Resources is where to buy glycolic acid for any application.

The Value of Bulk

Whether you are looking to buy glycolic acid or any other industrial chemical product, Global Chemical Resources is your best option. One of our primary offerings is bulk shipping services. Our customers enjoy the economic benefits of bulk purchasing, as well as the peace of mind knowing that they have the right quantity of chemical products when they need it most. In addition to our bulk shipping services, we also offer warehousing to help you maximize your space for your business purposes.

Why Global Chemical Resources Is Your Best Option for Chemical Supplies

Global Chemical Resources has built a business on quality chemical products and reliability. From glycolic to citric acid, we offer customized blends ideal for use in any application. Our comprehensive offerings run the gamut — from customized blending to storage and direct shipping. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve blended it all. With Global Chemical Resources, your chemical order is in good hands.

View our location and contact us today to learn more about our vast chemical offerings and to find out what Global Chemical Resources can do for you.